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The Dark Necromancer is a classic fantasy adventure set on the fictional world of Kalda. It is the second novel in the TALES OF THE AMULET series and the direct sequel to the multi-award winner, A Prince's Errand. This story takes place immediately after the events of A Prince's Errand, featuring our same main characters as well as introducing a new point of view character, Elsia Scurn. In The Dark Necromancer you'll continue the thrilling adventure set into motion by the discovery on Dalgilur and the climactic event in the Mindolarn Palace. From the hardcover flaps: "The search for the Keepers of Truth and Might have set into motion events that herald the return of Hemran’na. His harbinger, The Unspoken One, has awoken and shown himself to the Faithful of Cherisium. Elsewhere, secret societies band together and powerful wielders of necromancy conspire, all while ancient texts detailing the whereabouts of the Crimson Eye resurface. Haunted by the written words of Dusel Nadim, Cornar Dol’shir leads the survivors of his adventuring band from Dalgilur. What he thought was a final venture now seems a greater quest that could decide the fate of Kalda. After fleeing Mindolarn, Iltar the Son of Adrin laments the tragedy which befell him and his acolytes at the empire’s palace. Marked for death by the Mindolarnians, Iltar must find a way to keep himself and his pupils safe. But no place, not his homeland nor an island long forgotten, is beyond the empire’s reach—not even the Translucent Fields of Vabenack. Meanwhile, a sinister plot brews within the Principality of Sororth; aristocrats have been assassinated or abducted. Many blame the Baron of Sereth, whose ambition knows no bounds. Among those who have vanished is the husband of Countess Elsia Scurn. Determined to discover the truth, she will not rest until the count is found and civil unrest is abated." This version of The Dark Necromancer is the seventh novel we have written together. It is the third (and final) iteration of the first story we ever published.
Crowdfunding on Kickstarter presents a unique opportunity to find new readers. It also allows us as the authors to generate more revenue prior to the official launch of a book, and recoup our production costs much faster than if we relied on royalties alone. With our previously published novels (prior to A Prince's Errand) we spent less than a thousand dollars to complete them. Our biggest expense was line/copy editing, but even that was obtained at a very cheap rate. Robert designed the covers and created the artwork. While the covers were not bad, they were not top-notch quality, nor did they scream, "this is an epic fantasy book!" In 2018, we decided to rebrand our series, and that brought in additional expenses. But we wanted books that looked and felt professionally published. This increased our production costs considerably. For our larger novels it costs over nine thousand dollars between cover design, copy editing, purchasing ISBNs, and interior artwork. Don't get us wrong, we're willing to take on that financial responsibility, but a successful Kickstarter campaign helps lighten the load. Kickstarter also allows us the ability to offer unique bundles to readers that are otherwise unavailable through most retail platforms. By rewarding our readers through Kickstarter we can offer additional bonuses that we can't offer through retailers. Regardless of the success of this Kickstarter campaign, The Dark Necromancer will be published. Like we said earlier, we're prepared to shoulder the financial responsibility. We are using this Kickstarter to help offset the cost for producing this book. A fully funded campaign will offset about half our expenses (not including the costs to produce the audiobook). If we double our campaign goal we can pay for all of the production costs for the print and e-book editions. Anything beyond that will help offset the cost of the audiobook production.
*Taken from the project page on Kickstarter... With this campaign we're raising funds to offset the cost of producing the final product of this novel, particularly the costs associated with: the cover art, interior illustrations, and editing. If the project goes beyond our initial goal, funds will go to help offset the cost of producing the audiobook. We have commissioned cover and interior artwork by talented fantasy artist, Kerem Beyit, who we've worked with on several other projects. When the manuscript's final revisions are finished with Linda Branam we'll hand off the manuscript to Michael Kramer to narrate the audiobook. We intend to fulfill this Kickstarter in three waves, from early 2022 to mid 2022. The eBook edition should be ready in the Summer, and we'll distribute that once it's ready. For physical books, we will most likely receive them from our printer either at the end of Summer or early Fall. Michael will begin recording in once the manuscript is finished, and it will probably take him three to four months to complete the project. If you love epic fantasy, this novel is for you! As a free bonus, we are giving away the completely revised companion story, The Last Barsionist in e-Book format, to everyone who backs the project. This version of The Last Barsionist is expanded from the original with an additional subplot and other characters. It is the companion story to The Dark Necromancer, expounding on a task given to one of Iltar's companions, Baekal. Originally this novella featured Hex and Hagen, but changes in the plot of main novel led to switching characters. It will be similar in size and scope to A Thief's Way.