the last barsionist (rewrite) ..............100% mysterious assassin (rewrite) ............100% a prince's errand (First Edits) ................5% a thief's way (Final draft) ......................100% the dark necromancer (Outline) ......30% elven secrets (rewrite) ...............................0%
News Headlines a Prince's Errand Update - January 3, 2019

We ran in the new year with a completed manuscript for A Prince's Errand! We're making one final run of revisions before we send it off to our editor in mid-February.


In a few weeks we will launch our first Kickstarter.  We have drafted the campaign and are getting ready to shoot a brief video for potential backers.  You can take a look at the campaign HERE.  Be sure to sign up to be notified of the exact day we launch.  Signing up also secures you a copy of the Tilthan short-story, A Thief's Way.


                                                                                 -Sincerely, Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari

Tales of the Amulet Revised - March 21, 2018

As of early 2018, we've decided to revise much of our epic fantasy series.  It is currently undergoing some major editorial revisions, a change to past-tense narration, redesigned covers with illustrations by fantasy illustrator Kerem Beyit, and an additional novel to set the groundwork for the series; A Prince's Errand.


We've projected a second quarter 2019 re-release for the series, starting with A Prince's Errand.


We'd like to thank all of our loyal fans for the feedback and support they have given us these last four years.  It's been a wonderful journey, and it's only getting better!


                                                                                 -Sincerely, Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari

Become a Beta-Reader - July 9th, 2018

Are you an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction?  Do you enjoy sharing your opinions?  Well, you might just fit the bill.


With that coming completion of A Prince's Errand, we are looking for individuals to help beta read our books so that we can provide a more valuable experience for our readers.  If you want to contribute,  click HERE.  We will be asking for feedback.  This isn't just a free book.

A Prince's Errand: Wattpad - May 24, 2018

In an effort to better work with our beta-readers we've decided to upload parts of A Prince's Errand to Wattpad.  This won't be the final version, but a rough-draft of the novel.  There will be changes made to the final manuscript.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wattpad, it's a platform that allows authors to post their works for free, track views, get votes and have direct contact with their readership.  It's a great way to get feedback from an audience.


If you're interested in helping go sign up on Wattpad and start reading A Prince's Errand today.  Start reading HERE or click on the Wattpad icon beside this post.

Coming soon... A Prince's Errand

The first installment of the epic-fantasy series, Tales of the Amulet, by Bestselling Authors Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari.


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