Several millennia ago a war raged between the factions of dragonkind.  With their world ravaged, the Kaldean Alliance forged the Amulet of Draconic Control and the Tethering Stone, and banished their foes to other realms, saving Kalda from utter destruction.  Fearing the power of the Amulet, the survivors secreted it away.  But now knowledge of the Amulet has resurfaced—and in the wrong hands, war could erupt anew.



(TALES OF THE AMULET, BOOK ONE)) Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari

Delve into the world of Kalda with this exciting entry, the first of nine epic novels.


Over the last thousand years, the men of Kalda have regressed into a medieval age.  Magical objects are scarce and outlawed in certain Kingdoms.  Though mages are abundant, magical items are precious and often tip the balance of power.  Seeking knowledge of the past, a necromancer-scholar allies with Kaescis–a prince from the Mindolarn Empire–to find the treasures of a lost civilization. ...  READ MORE



(TALES OF THE AMULET, BOOK TWO) Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari

Return to Kalda in the second installment of, Tales of the Amulet.  Follow Iltar, Cornar and their companions as they continue their quest to find the Au'misha'k.


Turmoil has struck the Soroth Necrotic Order.  Acolytes have grossly overstepped their bounds, leaving Iltar in a difficult position: Join Alacor’s barbarous discipline or save his pupils.  Amid the chaos, Cornar returns from his venture with Kaescis and Krindal, carrying a find bound to alter his world...  READ MORE

(TALES OF THE AMULET, BOOK THREE) Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari

Further explore the world of Kalda in the third installment of, Tales of the Amulet.  Uncover dark secrets as Iltar and Cornar lead their band into a forsaken realm.


Thwarted by a mysterious turn of fate, Iltar and Cornar resume their furtive search of the Amulet of Draconic Control. With an added force of warriors and mages, they set sail for a ruinous elven city and its once majestic pyramid fortress.  For hundreds of years these elven ruins have remained untouched by the outside world... READ MORE

(TALES OF THE AMULET, BOOK FOUR) Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari

Continue the search for the Amulet in the fourth installment of, Tales of the Amulet.  Join Iltar and Cornar on their next three-part saga to re-forge the Amulet.


Amid the wake of a tumultuous battle, Iltar and Cornar escape the elven isle with a piece of the Amulet, and a mysterious scroll case containing answers to Ilnari’s puzzling chronicle.  Empowered by the discovery, Iltar’s desires to re-forge the Amulet drive him and the survivors of his band deeper into isolation... READ MORE

(TALES OF THE AMULET, BOOK FIVE) Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari

Sneak through the most notorious kingdom on Kalda in the fifth installment of, Tales of the Amulet.  Accompany Cornar and his companions in their most grueling adventure yet.


Plunged into the midst of the Kingdom of Los, Iltar’s companions find themselves in dire circumstances, pitted against the relentless forces of His Majesty and the Mages of Alath.  The mages’ leader-a Grand Mage named Dorith-will stop at nothing to apprehend Iltar’s band. Their actions have defied the Edicts of the Mage-King... READ MORE

(TALES OF THE AMULET, BOOK SIX) Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari

Description Coming Soon...  READ MORE

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