The Dark Necromancer (2013) 9th Anniversary Edition

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Format: Hardcover (Signed & Numbered)

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Dan Zangari and Robert Zangari's debut novel now available in Hardcover as a limited-quantity anniversary edition.

Originally written between 2001-2011 and published in November 2013, The Dark Necromancer (2013) was the first of six novels planned in Dan Zangari’s original fantasy epic, the Chronicles of Lorn.

Featuring what are now the storylines of Books Two and Three of Tales of the Amulet, The Dark Necromancer (2013) shows an alternative version of Cornar Dolshir’s discovery on the Isle of the Ancient Ones and a glimpse of the future from the perspective of Iltar’s half-brother, the Grand Mage Almar of Alath.

From the original cover: “An ancient secret has found its way into the hands of a powerful wielder of necrotic magic named, Iltar. The Dark Necromancer follows Iltar and his loyal companions as they embark on an epic quest to re-forge the Au’misha’k; an amulet of immense power that turned the tide of a thousand year war between the factions of dragonkind that ruled Iltar’s world of Kalda centuries ago.

Iltar’s journey is fraught with adventure, intrigue, and deception. From the dangers of Draco Isola to the majestic ruinous city of Merda, The Dark Necromancer is riveting with excitement.”

Now this rare and out of print story of Dan and Robert’s debut novel returns as a limited hardcover anniversary edition.

Treated as an alternative timeline, this novel shows the future which “Reflection” eluded to in the epilogue of A Prince’s Errand, and the truth path the Unspoken One must take if the God of Cherisium is to return to Kalda.

Limited Quantity 1,000 copies.

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Kalda Kuriosities

Due to popular demand, the original publications of Dan and Robert Zangari's novels are now available here on the Legends of Kalda | Dan Zangari and Robert Zangari store. These stories were originally published from 2013-2017 and written in a different style and tense than the current iteration of TALES OF THE AMULET. The following books are available only in hardcover on this website.

These hardcovers were originally introduced in The Dark Necromancer's Kickstarter in 2022, Lower numbered copies of these novels were made available first to Kickstarters, but the remainder of the limited quantities are now available on this store.

Four of these books were lumped together in the "Tales of the Amulet: Origins" (also known on thier Kickstarters as the "Author's Original Present Tense" editions); The Dragons' Legacy, The Elven Secret, The Mages' Agenda, and The Tales of the Amulet: Short-Story Collection. These four novels are re-prints of the original publications while The Dark Necromancer (2013) 9th Anniversary Edition features all new formating, chapter headings, and full-page illustrations by Robert Zangari--none of which were included in the originally release.


Available in Hardcover

The Dark Necromancer (2013) 9th Annivesary Edition

"Authors' Original Present Tense" Edition Bundle:

· The Dragons' Legacy

· The Elven Secret

· The Mages' Agenda

· Tales of the Amulet: Short Story Collection (The Last Barsionist, Mysterious Assassin, Return of the Elves, A Forgotten Hero, Guardians of Kalda)

Purchase The Dark Necromancer (2013) and Tales of the Amulet: Origins Bundle together and use promo code BUNDLEOB for exclusive savings.