Are you an avid reader of fantasy and science fiction?  Do you enjoy sharing your opinions?  Well, you might just fit the bill.

With that coming completion of A Prince's Errand, we are looking for individuals to help beta read our books so that we can provide a more valuable experience for our readers.  If you want to contribute, keep reading...

Application to Beta-Read

We are currently expanding our team of beta-readers.  If you are interested, please fill out the information below.

Please understand there is a certain level of responsibility associated with beta reading our novels and short-stories.  You will be expected to provide feedback (positive and negative) on the content that you'll be reading, and in a timely manner as the beta-reading process will be done pre-publication.

Beta-reading will be done on a pro bono basis.  No compensation will be issued, besides a copy of the final version of the book or short-story.

After you fill out this form we will contact you via email concerning our decision.  If you are accepted we will send you a digital copy of the novel currently under review by our beta-reading team. Further instructions will be included in the email, such as deadlines or particular aspects that need attention during the read.

Apply to Beta-Read Below