Multi-Award Winning authors Dan Zangari and Robert Zangari present their epic fantasy saga, TALES OF THE AMULET.

Several millennia ago a war raged between the factions of dragonkind. With their world ravaged, the Kaldean Alliance forged the Amulet of Draconic Control and the Tethering Stone, and banished their foes to other realms, saving Kalda from utter destruction. Fearing the power of the Amulet, the survivors secreted it away. But now knowledge of the Amulet has resurfaced--and in the wrong hands, war could erupt anew.


Book One, A Prince's Errand

Book Two, The Dark Necromancer

Companion Stories

A Thief's Way, Companion Story One

The Last Barsionist, Companion Story Two


The Prisoner of Tardalim, Prequel One

Untold Tales of Kalda (Short Story Collection)

Untold Tales of Kalda expounds on various themes introduced in A Prince’s Errand, further enriching the Legends of Kalda universe.

The history of Kalda is rich in epic battles, wondrous discoveries, and plots of intrigue. Whether unlikely heroes or battle-hardened veterans or masters of the Channels of Power, their stories shape the world and set in motion events that will prepare the way for the return of a Dark God.

Some walk the Translucent Fields of Vabenack, a world of dreams as deadly as reality itself. Others face dreaded foes, from mythical creatures thought to live only in legend to enforcers of secret societies to mad tyrants and their minions.

But a select few shape the world in more subtle ways, by playing deadly games of theft or dabbling in the mystical arts or tinkering with devices capable of harnessing the magics of Kalda.

Wherever their paths may lead, they walk them under the watchful gaze of Hemran’na.

This collection includes:

Defender of Stone

Conspiracy in Kildath

Thieves Among Nobles

Sorter of Mages

The Price of Penitence

Birth of an Empire

Of Smugglers and Fairies

Relics of Kardorth

Murder on Eldin Way

Lost Flora of Sha'krel

Beneath the Frozen Wastes

Reading Guides

Chronological Reading Order:

Titles and accompanying dates per year in C.D. (Coridai Delnasium). Even though its in chronological order it's probably the steepest learning of all three guides. The story here jump right into the action with quick descriptions of the magic system/lore.

Prelude to Tales of the Amulet (found in A Prince's Errand) – 4 C.D.

Conspiracy in Kildath6,381 C.D.

Sorter of Mages6,383 C.D.

Heleron’s Awakening6,438 C.D.

The Prisoner of Tardalim6,438 C.D.

Legacy of the Past (Indie Fantasy Addict’s Heroes Never Die anthology) – 6,461 C.D.

Thieves Among Nobles6,473 C.D.

Beneath the Frozen Wastes – 6,481 C.D.

A Prince's Errand: Prologue – 6,491 C.D.

A Thief's Way Prologue – 6,492 C.D.

Defender of Stone6,492 C.D.

The Price of Penitence6,492 C.D.

A Prince’s Errand (main story) – 6,492 C.D.

A Thief’s Way 6,492 C.D.

A Prince's Errand: Epilogue – 6,492 C.D.

The Dark Necromancer6,492 C.D.

The Last Barsionist6,492 C.D.

Publication Reading Order

This guide would give proper reveals, and has the shallowest learning curve.

A Prince's Errand (Dec 2019)

A Thief's Way (March 2020)

Beneath the Frozen Wastes (June 2020)

Defender of Stone (June 2020)

Conspiracy in Kildath (July 2020)

Thieves Among Nobles (August 2020)

Sorter of Mages (Sept 2020)

The Price of Penitence (Oct 2020)

The Prisoner of Tardalim (June 2021)

Legacy of the Past (Nov 2021 - IFA Anthology)

Heleron's Awakening (Nov 2021 - Kickstarter backers only)

The Dark Necromancer (forthcoming)

The Last Barsionist (forthcoming)

Kalda Kuriosities

Limited Quanity Collectors Editions of Dan and Robert's out of print publications including: The Dark Necromancer (9th Anniversary Edition), Tales of the Amulet Origins featuring an alternative version of their flagship fantasy series.