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Our fifth Kickstarter campaign is being prepared, this time to crowd-fund the third novel of Tales of the Amulet and the sequel to The Dark Necromancer.

While we haven't started working on Book Three of Tales of the Amulet  (besides outlining) we decided to put up a Pre-Launch page for the book  here on Kickstarter, adapting a strategy some authors and publishers follow by setting up a pre-order for the next book in the series when the current book releases.  In retail this tends to get higher pre-orders on the upcoming book than the previous novel, and tends to generate traction for the series as a whole.

Kickstarter seems great for this strategy since it doesn't penalize  creators who have to adjust the launch date of their campaign, nor is  there any worry of needing a firm deadline and not being ready on that  specific date (except for what is promised to backers).  At the moment  we don't have a firm date on the campaign, only a "Coming Soon to  Kickstarter."  To our knowledge, no one else has tried this strategy  with fiction related projects.  Shall we make some history? 

We intend to launch the campaign sometime next year, whenever we have  the manuscript finished.  But in the mean time we want to garner as  many followers as we can, and get the Kickstarter page set up far in  advance so it's not something extra we're doing right before launch. Setting up a campaign can be arduous at best and can be very stressful.  By stretching the process out over a years worth of time we can tinker  with the page and fine tune it at a relaxing, even fun, pace.

At the end of our pre-launch period for The Dark Necromancer's Kickstarter we had 240 people watching the campaign.  80 of those  watchers backed the project on the first day, with another 28 backing  over the course of the campaign.  That pre-launch period was only 3 and a  half months, and we received an average of 2-3 followers per day.

The ideal scenario for this upcoming project is to match what we've  done here (we're setting the goal for $20,000).  The best way to do that  is to get followers on that coming soon page. Our goal is to reach  1,000 project followers, and if we do hit that goal we have a special  surprise in store for everyone who backs the project.