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Dear Readers,

With deepest regrets we must inform you that we will not have The Dark Necromancer ready for commercial publication by the proposed December 27th release date.

What does this mean?

If you're a Kickstarter backer there will be a continued delay to get the book in your hands.  We are still planning to deliver the eBook to you by the end of the year.  But in order to preserve the exclusivity of backing the Kickstarter vs buy retail we felt the retail listing must be pushed back to 2023.  That, unfortunately, brings some hefty consequences from Amazon, the only other place where the eBook is listed for pre-order.

The Amazon.com listing of The Dark Necromancer will be coming down this month.  For those who have pre-ordered on that retailer you will have to either 1) wait until the eBook goes live or 2) Pre-order here on our website.

Concerning audiobook production, it is still scheduled to start February 2023.  Michael and Erik will most likely take around 3 months to produce the final product.  Which is another reason for the pre-order shift; we'd like to keep the audiobook and print/eBook editions closer in their release dates.

So when is the book coming out?

That will entirely depend on printing times, which we'll know when we upload the final manuscript to our printer.  We'd like to have the physical copies in the hands of our Kickstarter backers a couple months before we release to the public.

We can't upload a pre-order for the eBook to Amazon because of their terms regarding pre-order cancellations.  Once you cancel you are put into "pre-order jail" for a year.

The Hardcover and Paperback will be up for pre-order because we distribute through Ingram.

We will try to upload the eBook around the release date for the physical editions, but it might be a day or two off.

But, you can still pre-order eBooks, hardcovers, paperbacks, and audiobooks from our website.  Pre-ordering on LegendsofKalda.com will ensure you get a copy of The Dark Necromancer on the official release date for the physical editions.


We apologize for the delay and we appreciate your patience with us.



Dan & Robert